Summer Conditioning

Athletic Protocols

  • The following guidance on summer conditioning applies only to TUSD athletes participating in fall sports, being coached by TUSD coaches, operating under the auspices of TUSD Athletics as our facilities continue to remain closed to outside organizations:

    Beginning Monday, June 15, 2020, organized skills development and conditioning sessions for TUSD athletes participating in fall sports is allowed provided the following guidelines are strictly adhered to:

    • Activities will be limited to conditioning and skills development only.
    • There should be no physical contact between athletes, or between coaches and athletes, during these sessions.
    • Equipment used by a single athlete is allowed, but no equipment may be shared (e.g. balls, weights, sleds, etc.).  Field equipment, such as cones, agility training ladders, etc. are allowed. Coaches should take the appropriate actions to clean and sanitize equipment between each session.  
    • No indoor activities are allowed; all activities must be outside.
    • A minimum of 6 feet of social distancing is required at all times; 10 feet or more is preferred.
    • Athletes must participate in cohorts of 25 or less with a single, consistent coach during the entire conditioning session. These cohorts and coach assignments should be consistent day to day to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 should an individual become infected.
    • All sessions are optional. Student-athletes will not be penalized for non-participation.
    • Athletes or coaches who are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms should not attend.  This includes fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headaches, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Anyone exhibiting these symptoms will be sent home.
    • Coaches will survey Athletes at the beginning of each session to evaluate their health as well as determine any potential exposure to COVID-19.   
    • No loitering before or after sessions. All individuals should arrive immediately before and depart immediately after sessions.
    • Athletes are to arrive dressed for activities, locker rooms will not be available.
    • Only athletes and coaches will be allowed to attend sessions. No parents, spectators, or volunteers will be allowed to attend.
    • Athletes are encouraged to shower before and after sessions.
    • Athletes and coaches should bring their own hydration products as shared water bottles are not allowed.
    • All organized skill and conditioning sessions for TUSD athletes, by TUSD coaches, operating under the auspices of TUSD athletics, must occur on TUSD facilities (with the exception of Cross Country).  

    Additional guidance will be provided when available as we work within State and County health guidelines and in concert with surrounding districts.