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Welfare and Attendance

Safe and Welcoming Schools

Safe and welcoming schools create a positive environment where students are respected and treat one another with respect, thus minimizing student misconduct and improving the environment for learning. Because they are responsible for the effective and safe operation of schools, school administrators must take appropriate measures to address student conduct that threatens the ability of a school to operate in such a manner.

School discipline is a necessary component of school administration, and acts of violence and crime must be addressed quickly and with sufficient severity to ensure the safety of students and school personnel. However, the majority of instances involving school discipline relate to minor misbehavior, and a school’s response to any student misconduct must be aligned with the obligation to protect Turlock Unified School District students’ rights of due process.

School administrators have an obligation to implement discipline in a thoughtful manner, use exclusionary discipline (i.e. the removal of a student from a classroom or school) only as necessary to ensure school safety.

Campus Policies

Guidelines for Parent/Guardian Visits

School visits require staff time and commitment. Staff members are encouraged to accommodate as many requests as possible.

  • To ensure minimum interruption or disruption of the instructional program, visits to any classroom during school hours must be arranged in advance with the teacher. If the teacher or principal/designee feels a classroom visit would disrupt the instructional program, the request may be denied or rescheduled. (If a teacher/parent conference is desired, an appointment will be made with the teacher during non-instructional time.
  • Parents (or guardians) who need to leave lunches, clothing, or other articles for their children, or who need to  contact students or staff, however briefly, must first report to the school office to make their request. Usually, items will be delivered to the student by school staff to avoid interruption of the instructional program.
  • Parents (custodial or non-custodial) or guardians may not use the school setting to resolve visitation or other custodial rights. Such issues should be addressed after regular school hours.
  • No electronic listening or recording devices may be used in a classroom without the teacher’s and principal’s permission (E.C. 51512). Persons who do so will be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Request to Leave Campus

The principal/designee may refuse to allow a visitor the privilege of visiting the school if the principal believes the individual’s presence or acts have the potential to interrupt the school, its students, teachers and other staff members; jeopardize the health and safety of students and staff; or cause property damage.

Visitors need to know that the school principal/designee has the authority to direct an individual to leave the campus.

This direction is given when the principal determines that the visitor’s presence or acts have the potential to interrupt or disrupt the school, its students, teachers or other employees; to jeopardize the health and safety of students and staff; or cause property damage. The principal’s/designee’s verbal direction to leave campus will be documented.

If the individual re-enters the campus without permission within seven days after being directed to leave the school grounds, he/she will be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to arrest (P.C. 626.6). If the individual refuses to leave after being asked by the principal/designee, law enforcement will be called. Specific circumstances of the case and advice from law enforcement will determine further action.

As soon as possible, school staff will document all facts regarding the situation. A full description of the incident will assist the Turlock Police Department in determining appropriate charges - disturbing the peace, threats of violence, use of obscene language, assault, etc.

School Visitors

Parents/guardians and other patrons of the district are welcome and encouraged to visit the schools. Visitors to the schools must respect the learning environment and maintain proper behavior and decorum. (EC 51512)  Signs are posted at all school entrances that show regular school hours and inform visitors that they must report to the school office.

To help ensure school safety and security, the principal/designee needs a visible means of identifying visitors while they are on the school grounds. This identification is required for all visitors, including parents (or guardians), and can be picked up at the school office. (Upon reporting to the school office, visitors may be required to furnish the principal/designee identification and any other information considered pertinent.)

Sex Offender on Campus

Any person who is required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code 290, including a parent/guardian of a district student, shall request written permission from the principal before entering the school campus or grounds.  As necessary, the principal shall consult with local law enforcement authorities before allowing the presence of any such person at school or other school activity. The principal also shall report to the Superintendent or designee anytime he/she gives such written permission.