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Student Fee Guidelines

Article IX, Section 5 of the California Constitution mandates a system of “free schools.” Therefore, pupils enrolled in public schools are not required to pay any fees for their education, unless a charge is specifically authorized by law for a particular program or activity. This constitutional requirement is implemented through Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Section 350, which states: “A pupil enrolled in a school shall not be required to pay any fee, deposit, or other charge not specifically authorized by law.”

California Education Code Section 49011(a)(1) requires that “All supplies, materials, and equipment needed to participate in educational activities shall be provided to pupils free of charge”; and Code Section 60070, states “No school official shall require any pupil…to purchase any instructional material for the pupils' use in the school.” This means that schools in the Turlock Unified School District cannot require students to purchase supplies (e.g., paper, pens/pencils/crayons, protractors, rulers, binders, workbooks, etc.) to participate in an educational activity.

Schools may request donations from parents and develop and distribute lists of school supplies that are presented to parents as voluntary or recommended.

For a school supply solicitation to be truly voluntary:

If you have any questions regarding student fees in this area, please contact Student Services at (209) 667-0632 Ext. 2251.

It must be made clear to parents that donations of school supplies in any quantity are appreciated, but under no circumstances are they required.