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Student Accountability


School discipline is the system of rules, consequences, and behavioral strategies appropriate to the regulation of students and the maintenance of order in schools. It is the intent of the Turlock Unified School District to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment to facilitate student academic success. Should a student exhibit undesirable behaviors, the district will make use of suspensions and expulsions as a matter of last resort. Rather, the district will use "Other Means of Correction" to ensure the student receives appropriate interventions to correct the behaviors. These may include:

• A conference between school personnel, the student's parent or guardian, and the student.
• Referrals to the school counselor, psychologist, social worker, child welfare attendance personnel, or other school support services personnel for case management and counseling.
• Study teams, guidance teams, resource panel teams, or other intervention-related teams that assess the behavior, and develop and implement individualized plans to address the behavior in partnership with the student and his or her parents.
• Enrollment in a program for parent education or drug/alcohol prevention.
• Participation in social skills training or bullying prevention.
• A positive behavior support approach that occurs during the school day on campus.
• Alternative-school programs that address social-emotional issues.
• School and/or community service.