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School Dress Code Guidelines

TUSD School Dress Code Guidelines

In partnership with students and parents, the Turlock Unified School District administration and staff requests review of students’ attire to ensure it meets the following dress code guidelines before arriving to school:

Students MUST Wear:

  • Top with straps
  • Bottom: pants, skirts, shorts, etc. covering buttocks (no micro minis or short shorts with entire thigh exposed)
  • Shoes (no backless footwear for elementary students)
  • Secured clothing that protects and covers personal body parts

Students MAY Choose to Wear:

  • Hats, including religious headwear
  • Hooded shirts/jackets (over the head is allowed)
  • Teachers/staff may direct students to remove/adjust the position of hats/hoods over the head on campus in situations that include, but are not limited to, classroom activities, headphone/earbud use issues, or visual identification of a student's face.  This does NOT apply to any headwear worn for religious reasons.

Students CANNOT Wear:

  • Clothing that depicts violent language or images
  • Clothing that includes, but is not limited to hats, shoes, headgear, belts, shirts, pants, piercings, key chain holders that are deemed a potential threat to student and/or staff safety
  • Clothing that illustrates images or language depicting drugs or alcohol (or any illegal item or activity) or the use of same
  • Clothing that displays hate speech, profanity, pornography
  • Clothing that includes images or language that create a hostile or intimidating environment based on any protected class
  • Clothing that is sheer or see-through, (clothing must be opaque)
  • Visible underwear, bralettes, bandeau tops, sports bras, or backless shirts
  • Unsecured clothing that allows personal body parts to be visible with movement or contact
  • Helmets, hoods, or other headgear that obscures a student's identity (except as a religious observance)
  • For identification purposes, a student's face must be clearly visible, including when taking school photos; this may require removal of a hood and/or hat

Examples of clothing deemed a potential threat to student and/or staff safety:

  • Pants oversized at the waist such as folded in at the waist or belt line (e.g. student with a 32” waist should wear pants no larger than 32” waist)
  • Wearing pants below the waist line (sagging)
  • Steel-toe combat style boots
  • Jewelry, insignia, colors, paraphernalia, materials, apparel, clothing or attire worn or carried on campus, or at school activities, that may be intimidating to students/staff
  • Solid red or blue items including, but not limited to, scrunchies, belts, shoelaces, and beanies
  • Predominately red or blue shirts or sweatshirts (two or more articles of clothing)
  • Red or blue items hanging over the shoulder or out of pockets
  • Red or blue apparel exposed under any shirt or collar
  • Non-team color or intimidating hats, knit caps, baseball-type caps, or head gear
  • Bandannas, red or blue belts, red or blue shoelaces, or red or blue rags
TUSD Dress Code