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This course is to help parents ensure their child is neither a target of bullying nor a bully to other students. Together, with schools and parents working together, we can better prepare our students to be successful and happy in school and in their adult lives. As you scroll through each section, please make sure you complete the entire lesson. If you have to stop between lessons, please note where you left off and continue from that point. Completed lessons are indicated by a checkmark within a circle. This entire course should take you less than an hour to complete.

Course Outline
Your Own Experiences with Bullying
What is Bullying Anyway?
What Causes Bullying?
What Helps a Child Grow into a Successful Adult?
How to Bullyproof Your Child
When Your Child is Being Bullied
What If My Child Is a Bully?
Help Your Child Take a Stand Against Bullying
The No Bully Partnership at Your School
What next?

No Bully English Course
No Bully Spanish Course