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School Enrollment

Online Enrollment

TUSD is now accepting new enrollments for the 2023-2024 school year. You can submit the student data needed directly through our Online Enrollment program or you can visit your neighborhood school for a paper enrollment packet to complete and return.

Registration Requirements

If you are using the Online Enrollment program, you can upload a copy of these required documents needed to complete the new enrollment, including the following:

  • Parent Photo ID or Caregiver Affidavit (if applicable)
  • Residency (Address) Verification:  Proof of residency is NOT the same as proof of US citizenship.  Residency verification is defined as “verification of a student’s Stanislaus county home address in connection to the assigned school in the neighborhood.  Examples of acceptable original documents needed for verification (2 from the list):
    • Utility bill (i.e., TID, PG&E, Cable, or City of Turlock, Telephone (Land or Cell), etc.)
    • Original Property Tax bill with parent name and property address
    • Monthly mortgage payment
    • Monthly Space Rental bill (Mobile Home Park)
  • Age Verification:  One of the following options must be provided:
    • Birth certificate (official)
    • A religious hospital, or physician’s certificate showing date of birth
    • A passport
    • An adoption record
    • An affidavit from a parent/guardian
    • Previously verified school records
  • Emergency contact information:  the name, address/telephone information for someone to contact other than the parent in case of an emergency, including health care provider contact information.
  • Other Records:
    • Completed Health Exam and Oral Exam forms
    • Immunization records
    • Copy of student’s academic history transcript or current report card.

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