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State Preschool

How to Apply for State Preschool

Enrollment begins with a search on the Stan Wait List (formerly CEL).

You may call Stan Wait at (209) 238-6400 to be placed on the eligibility list. You may also visit Stanislaus County Child and Family Services and put your child on the eligibility list.

What is Stan Wait List?
Stan Wait List is a system that allows subsidized child development contractors to access children that are eligible for their programs. The term “eligibility” is used because families are ranked by eligibility factors for subsidized care. Families are drawn from the Stan Wait List. Enrollment is based on the lowest rank first. All interested applicants are required to use Stan Wait. Priority for Stan Wait is given to children involved with CPS, considered At Risk, and lowest ranked.

How to Qualify for the Program
Eligibility is based on one or more of the following:

Any parent who is listed on the Birth Certificate OR other birth documents must provide income verification unless documentation is provided to show a separation or absence

Required Documentation for Applying

  • Income- Current complete month or proof of income termination
  • Current Aid Recipient- 12-month TANF Statement
  • Homelessness- Letter from homeless shelter or housing program
  • Child Protective Services- CPS Referral
  • At Risk of Abuse, Neglect, and/or Exploitation- Referral from a licensed professional
  • Family Size- This is any children that live in the home and any adult who financially contributes to the household or provides for the children
  • Child’s Age- Older children have a higher priority
  • Birth Certificate OR other birth document for the child you are enrolling (as well as for each child you are claiming is in the home)
  • Proof of one or more of the Eligibility areas listed above (income, current aid… etc.)
  • One utility bill  

Contact Us

Please call State Preschool Office at (209) 632-2857 should you have any questions.