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Resources for Teachers

TUSD Instructional Coaches

TUSD Instructional Coaches maintain this section of the website.  They have included resources that students, staff, and parents may find useful and are organized by subject area. We hope you find these resources useful!

Instructional Coach

District Literacy (TK-12)

District Writing Coach

Early Literacy (Grades TK-2)

Nicole Trevino:  Brown

Danielle Azevedo:  Crowell

Kathy Gilfillan:  Cunningham

Raman Sanghera:  Julien/Walnut

Launa Miller:  Medeiros/Earl

Mary Anacleto:  Osborn

Maureen Pereira:  Wakefield


Megan Bernard:  Brown, Crowell, Julien, Walnut,  

Natalie Hayes:  Cunningham, Earl, Medeiros, Wakefield 

Leisa Machado:  Grades 7-8 


Evelyn Webb:  Brown, Cunningham, Medeiros, Walnut

Melanie Lee:  Crowell, Earl, Julien

Scott Johnson:  Osborn, Wakefield, DMS, TJHS


Eric Hauck:  Grades TK - 5

Ryan Hollister:  Grades 6-12

Health & Fitness

Dual Immersion


Special Education