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Heat Guidelines

TUSD Heat Guidelines

Coaches, staff, and administrators are expected to exercise good judgment in evaluating the appropriate activities given the current conditions and adjusting activities appropriately.
Water should always be available during practice and outdoor activities.  Proper hydration is imperative during high heat conditions; this includes water activities such as swimming and water polo.  Coaches, staff, and administration should encourage water consumption during each break.
Sunscreen and appropriate clothing are highly encouraged in all situations.

Site administration needs to monitor conditions for all “away” athletic competitions and ensure these guidelines are being followed for our TUSD coaches, athletes, and staff.  In consultation with the Business Services office, cancellation or postponement of start times based on hourly forecasts may be required.

Should there be a possibility of canceling or postponing start times based on hourly forecasts, site administration needs to consult with the Assistant Superintendent  of Business Services and, if determined, inform visiting teams as well as hosting teams for away competitions of our policy and potential cancellations or postponements by 11 AM the day of the competition.

For athletic practices and competitions, Athletic Trainers, Athletic Directors, and/or Site Administrators are expected to monitor Wet Bulb Globe Temperature ("WBGT") on-the-ground conditions using the Kestrel 5400 WBGT Heat Stress Tracker & Weather Meter at the start, and every 30 minutes, during Orange, Red, or Purple heat advisory periods.
Vigorous activity is defined by the Centers for Disease Control as activities greater than  6.0 Metabolic Equivalent of Tasks (METS).  Specific examples can be found HERE.

Heat Protocols

Each day the following process is used to advise school sites of heat conditions: 

  • Weather agencies issue the daily forecast.
  • Prior to 11 AM, the Safety Office reviews the forecasts and compares to current condition. Any current condition other than GREEN or YELLOW is forwarded to the following:  Principal(s),  Assistant Principal(s),  Site Administrative Secretaries, Athletic Director(s), Athletic Trainer(s), District Communication Coordinator.
  • School Sites will implement the Color Code Alerts as indicated below.  Temperature conditions listed below and activity restrictions apply to outdoor and un-conditioned indoor spaces.
  • Staff and students will be notified by site administration regarding any current condition color other than GREEN or YELLOW.
  • The Safety Office will issue updates as they may occur that  day.


The Turlock Unified School District has implemented a Heat Advisory System to monitor data regarding extreme heat and to notify site administrators of conditions that could affect activities for students and staff. The administration monitors reports by The Weather Channel and other reporting agencies each day to determine the forecast and real-time heat conditions.The District employs a 5-levelcolor system to advise students and staff of the forecast and current conditions.

Heat Levels

WGBT Policy for Athletics