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Distance Learning

  • TUSD Distance Learning Schedules TK-12

    Start and end times may vary slightly by school site.

    Key: ORANGE whole-class instruction. BLUE individual/small group instruction.

    ELA-English Language Arts-Instruction in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

    SLA-Spanish Language Arts- Dual Immersion sites provide instruction in Spanish reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

    D.I.-Direct Instruction-An instructional approach that is structured, sequenced, and led by a teacher. The teacher gives explicit, guided instruction to students. Students are learning new information during this time.

    Guided Practice-After the teacher models how to do a task, students complete the task with guidance from the teacher before practicing on their own. Teacher gives feedback as students work through problems to ensure content was learned before they move to independent work.

    Independent Work-Student completes on their own.

    Intervention/Enrichment- targeted support for students who need increased learning time to practice a concept (intervention). Targeted support for students who need increased rigor for advanced learning (enrichment).

    MTSS-Multi-Tiered System of Support provides strategic intervention or enrichment to focus on high levels of student learning.

    Designated ELD-Teacher provides lessons for English Learners to develop their English language proficiency.

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Learning Model Considerations

Learning Model Considerations