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Paper Education

We are excited to share that TUSD has partnered with Paper Education (@paperlearning) for all 6-12th grade students. Paper Education is a platform where students have access to an online tutor 24/7. With Paper, students can log in and receive assistance in any of their rostered classes within minutes. Students enjoy it too because the format is one they recognize: messaging! Students log in, click the area they would like support in, and they are greeted with a chat/messaging-like format where they will interact with the tutor. Teachers will have access to how students are using Paper through the number of sessions, essays they have uploaded, and their last active session. If you are a 6-12 grade student in TUSD, check out Paper today!

Paper Education

Now available on student's Clever dashboard:

  • Available for TUSD 6-12th graders
  • Live tutors accessible 24/7
  • Submit writing assignments for review - Essay feedback provided. Written work is reviewed and annotated by an educator to give students rapid writing feedback
  • Multilingual support in Spanish, French, & Mandarin
  • Reports / data provided to teachers on student interactions
  • An easy to use App
  • Collaboration with your teachers and other students in your courses
  • Use voice to text on the app
  • Visit to learn more about Paper's services


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