Board Format (Effective 12/13/2022)

  • Board of Trustees
    Anthony Silva, President
    Lori Carlson, Clerk
    Mary Jackson, Member
    Jose Sanchez, Member
    Daniel Benedict, Member
    Paola Maldonado, Member
    Rupinder Jagpal, Member

    District Administration
    Dana Salles Trevethan, Superintendent
    Heidi Lawler, Assistant Superintendent/Educational Services
    Marjorie Bettencourt, Assistant Superintendent/Finance and Accountability
    David Lattig, Assistant Superintendent/Human Resources
    Barney Gordon, Assistant Superintendent/Business Services

    Gil Ogden, Director of Student Services
    Shellie Santos, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    Fernando Ureno, Director of Human Resources
    Alice Solis, Director of English Learners, Assessment and Special Programs
    Ericka Tschantz, Director of Special Education"
    John Acha, Director of CTE and Program Equity
    Marie Russell, Director of Communications, Family Engagement, and Outreach

    Scott Richardson, Director of Maintenance-Operations
    Judy Huerta, Director of Early Childhood Education
    Dolores Flores, Director of Transportation
    Robert Brogdon, Director of Technology Operations
    Jennifer Lew-Vang, Director of Child Nutrition