Fundamentals of Well-Being & Balance Webinars

  • We are all facing enormous challenges and change in the pandemic school environment. This is on top of an already demanding field.  Our well-being is a critical component to the academic and social/emotional health and well-being of our students. Join us in becoming more healthy, mindful, and confident!

Fundamentals of Well-Being & Balance 2

Dr. Lauren Hodges, Ed.D., CSCS Co-Founder of Performance on Purpose, LLC

  • As a performance coach, facilitator, instructional designer, and consultant, Dr. Lauren Hodges blends research in physiology, well-being, neuroscience, learning sciences, behavioral psychology, and purpose into the world of work and performance through the design and delivery of deep learning experiences. She helps her clients bring awareness to the beliefs and mindsets driving behaviors, clarify their larger mission, and identify a few key small, sustainable shifts in behavior that can drastically improve their performance not just at work but at home where it matters most. Her life mission is to serve others by helping them thrive in body, mind, and spirit so that their organizations can thrive too.

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