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Yearbook Savanna 2021

  • If you would like a guaranteed copy of a yearbook, pre-sales start on August 1st and end on December 17th. We will only order a very few extra copies of the 2021 yearbook this year; the only guaranteed way to buy the yearbook is to do so before the deadline on December 17th. The few extra yearbook copies we order will be sold for $95 dollars after our distribution day in May. The 2022 PHS Savanna yearbook can be purchased in the Activities office or online at where you can use a credit card or choose to pay in 3 monthly installments.

     August 1st - December 17th: Yearbook Cost  - $85.00

Senior Salutes 2021

  • Straight from the heart and into the yearbook! Continuing this year! Create and pay the Senior Salutes online at no packet is required.

    Email Mr. Rosales for help on Senior Salutes.

    ***FINAL Deadline is February 18th, 2022 no exceptions. Please do not be left out.***

    Senior Salute Pricing
    Full Color

    1/8 page $95
    1/4 page $160
    1/2 page $245
    Full page $345



Members of the Pride - it is time to SHARE YOUR PHOTOS

  • 1. Email photos directly to our Google account yearbookpitman@gmail please include names of students in photos.
    2. Follow our Instagram @pitman_yearbook send photos via direct message on Instagram.
    3. Join our Pitman Yearbook Google classroom (f4st5zj) and upload photos to featured events.