School Uniform Guidelines

  • Pants/Shorts: Boys and Girls

    • Color: Navy Blue or Khaki (solid color)
    • Fabric: Twill, cotton blend, or denim.  Jeans are acceptable.
    • Pants must fit at the waist and not be more than one size too large.  If belts are worn, they must not be more than one size too large.

    Shirts/Blouses: Boys and Girls

    • Color: White, Navy Blue, or Khaki (solid color)
    • Style: Polo, dress shirt, turtleneck, or blouse

    Osborn School shirts will also count as uniform dress:

    Skirts: Color: Navy Blue, Khaki, or Denim (solid color)

    • Skorts or jumpers are acceptable.

    Osborn Spirit Fridays: All students are encouraged to show their “Osborn Lion Pride” by wearing Osborn Shirts every Friday!  Shirts are available through the Osborn PTA at a reasonable price.

Osborn Student in Uniform Sweatshirt