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Turlock Adult School Programs

    • Adult Basic Education (ABE)
    • Adult Secondary Education (ASE)
    • High School Equivalency (HSE)
    • English as a Second Language (ESL)
    • Citizenship Test Preparation
    • Career Technical Education (CTE)
    • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

    In addition to these programs, Turlock Adult School also offers a variety of Community Education/Personal Enrichment classes. Community Education classes require a minimum number of students enrolled in order to be held. If the minimum enrollment is not met, the class will be canceled. Please register early to ensure that the Community Education class you want to take will not be canceled.

Turlock Adult School Information

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  • Refund Policy

  • Registration

  • New Students

  • Returning Students

  • High School Diploma (ASE)

  • Concurrent Enrollment

  • Community Education Enrollment

Good News!

  • Want to hear some good news? Turlock Adult School offers many classes that are FREE of charge. No tuition to pay, no books to buy, no fees of any kind. Need a high school diploma? Get one for free! Want to learn to speak better English? Do it for free! How about picking up some 21st-century job skills? You guessed it—totally free!

    Principal Linda Alaniz and her staff work hard all year long to meet the needs of our community. Over the past few years, Turlock Adult School has taken advantage of opportunities to expand our programs, which has enabled us to offer a wider variety of courses and to offer most of them to you free of charge. It’s a lot of work, but you’re worth it! 

    Now for the fine print… even great bargains like a free education do come with some sort of cost, so we need to ask a couple of things of you—that you provide us with some personal information (which we will keep confidential, of course), and that twice a year you complete a test of basic knowledge, so we can prove to the government that we’re spending their money wisely. That’s it. As long as we meet those two requirements, we can continue to bring you great free programs that enhance lives and enrich our community.

    And don’t forget, we also have some terrific fee-based classes that allow us to offer even more fun and fulfilling opportunities for personal enjoyment and growth. Turlock Adult School – bringing you good news for over 50 years!