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Pride Time

  • As a part of a school-wide effort to further our focus on learning, a period of intervention and extension is built into our school day. This period, known as “Pride Time,” is designed to provide timely and specific support to students who are working towards mastery of essential learning or are ready to be challenged with learning beyond grade level expectations.

    During the first two weeks of school and one Monday per month, students attend a Homeroom class that is designed to support them in their journey as a member of the Pride. Homeroom lessons focus on character development, digital citizenship, information on upcoming events, and to develop college and career readiness skills.

    On weeks there is not a Homeroom, students attend a class, referred to as “labs,” based on a need identified by a teacher, or a lab that meets the student’s self-identified need. Pride Time labs typically fall into one of three categories: intervention, extra help or extension. Intervention labs are designed to support students in mastering a specific learning target or skill. Extra help labs may be more general to a content area or need, but not always skill specific. Extension labs are designed to extend or enrich student learning in areas for which they have already shown proficiency. Lab offerings for each department may change weekly depending on the identified needs of students.  

    The unique scheduling for Pride Time labs is completed through the Enriching Students website (more information provided below). 

    Each week our teachers meet on Wednesday to create labs offered the following week as well as identify students who may be in need of support. Students may start making selections for labs starting Friday mornings as all the labs being offered the following week will be listed. Students attempting to sign up prior to Friday morning may not always find an appropriate lab because the teachers are given Wednesday and Thursday to schedule it into the program.  Students are able to sign up and adjust their schedule up until the morning of the lab day, however it is recommended that all students schedule themselves into appropriate labs the Friday before to ensure they get into everything they need.

    Some basic understanding of how the program works:

    • Teachers create labs for each week and begin scheduling those into the system on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
    • Starting Friday, students should schedule themselves into labs for Monday (excluding Homeroom days), Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. A student can always adjust their schedule as needed, but the key is for them to sign up as far ahead as possible to secure a spot in labs that will help them.
    • If a teacher flags a student for their lab, students will not have a choice for that day and will see this on their “My Week” tab in Enriching Students
    • If a student is not flagged, they can sign up for the labs they feel they need to get extra help or extend their learning. With the one-to-one device implementation for all students there should be no reason a student can not sign themselves into a lab when not “flagged” by a teacher. This program is online based and can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection including cell phones. Students may also download the Enriching Students app on their phones to make this even easier.
    • Enriching Students software and additional Pride Time information can be accessed on the John H. Pitman website under the Students tab. There you will find the schedule, a login link, as well as a helpful tutorial video on how to sign up for labs.
    • Please encourage your child to take full advantage of the opportunities that Pride Time offers by ensuring they sign up for their labs weekly. All students have an Enriching Student account that you are encouraged to review with them for information on available labs that will support them in their learning. 

    We look forward to seeing students continue to grow in their learning as they receive support and enrichment through Pride Time.

Common Questions

  • How will this benefit students?

  • What if the student is doing well in all his/her classes?

  • What if the student is struggling in multiple classes?

  • How and when do students sign up for labs?

  • Is Pride Time going to be a graded class?

Pride Time Schedule

  • Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri

  • Wed