Flyer Approval Process

  • TUSD’s board policy allows for the distribution of printed materials prepared by governmental agencies, service organizations, or school related organizations, which extend the community’s cultural, recreational, artistic, or educational opportunities and which do not promote any particular commercial, religious, or political interest.

    All flyers must go through the District’s approval process  When submitting a flyer request, please include the following information:

    1. The organization must include their non-profit tax identification number on the request (not the flyer).
    2. The organization must clearly state the school site(s) or grade level(s) for which you are requesting distribution.

    The printing and distribution of the flyers is the responsibility of the person/organization who has submitted the flyer.  The TUSD disclaimer must be on every flyer you print for distribution.   The disclaimer states: “This activity is not sponsored by the Turlock Unified School District.”

    Please contact Connie Cusenza in the Office of Educational Services at (209) 667-0632 Ext 2282.