TUSD Volunteer Procedures

  • Volunteers are allowed with proof of vaccination or negative test result within 72 hours.

    Are you interested in volunteering in your child’s classroom? Below are the procedures you must follow to serve as a volunteer in your student’s classroom:

    • Confirm that it is okay with the teacher
    • Complete a volunteer application from the school site or Human Resources
    • Obtain Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance (only Level II and III)
    • Provide copy of Driver’s License (only Level II and III
    • Submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination directly to Human Resources or show proof of negative COVID-19 test (PCR or antigen, but no at-home kits) 72 hours prior to volunteering at a school site.

    The Principal will then review the application and complete a screening through the Megan’s Law website, you will be contacted by the school if approved. Once approved, sign in at school office (each time you volunteer).

Volunteer Levels

  • Level I

  • Level II

  • Level III

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