Governance Covenants

    1. Create opportunities for high-quality education for every student.
    2. Represent the entire community without bias or favor.
    3. Respect the decisions of a majority of the Board and represent the Board responsibly in all Board-related matters with proper decorum and respect for others.
    4. Recognize the Board functions only as a Board through duly-adopted policies and actions approved at public meetings.
    5. Confine Board functions to policymaking, planning and evaluation and recognize the Superintendent, not the Board, as the responsible individual for the day-to-day administration of the District.
    6. Respect the Board and the public meeting process by being prepared for each meeting, arriving promptly, and being prepared to work with fellow Board Members in the spirit of cooperation at each meeting.
    7. Commit to being a lifelong learner through continued education in our role as a Board Member.

Our Core Values

    • Focus decision-making on student success and employee well-being;
    • Operate openly with trust and integrity, governing in a professional manner;
    • Treat everyone with dignity and respect;
    • Assume collective responsibility for conduct and behavior of the governance team, supporting final decisions whether we agree with them or not;
    • Ensure fiscal stability over time as an essential practice of governance.