Joint Message from TUSD and TPD

  • Safety MessageWe wanted to reach out to students and families in TUSD following the recent unprecedented violence at Turlock High School. We are dedicated to maintaining safe campuses that include single points of entry, increased personnel, efforts to decrease student loitering, and a return to closed/locked classroom doors. Additionally, we are also working to partner with outside programs, including Knowledge Save Lives, to further support safety and social emotional well-being for students

    We want you to know TUSD school campuses are safe and the recent act of violence is an isolated event. It’s understandable if you or your student experience feelings of fear and uncertainty as a result of witnessing or hearing of the incident. These feelings are natural when the security of safe places, such as our homes or schools, are violated.

    If such feelings are not going away, please reach out to a school counselor or a trusted adult at your student’s school. TUSD has many resources to help support families and students’ social-emotional well-being. Please know that the safety and security of all 14,000 students continues to be of utmost importance to us both personally and professionally and our colleagues as well. We’re all striving to return to a more traditional educational experience.

    We know school violence is not easy to understand. There is no single reason why a student becomes violent; however, peer conflict and bullying can be potential contributors which was not the motive in the most recent act of violence at Turlock High.

    If your student sees or hears of any reasons for potential violence, encourage them to tell a teacher, the School Resource Officer, or anyone they trust. Please know that TUSD staff and our School Resource Officers are solely dedicated to students’ well-being and creating a safe environment for learning. If your student sees or hears something, encourage them to say something so staff can respond immediately. 

    Thank you for taking the time to listen to this important message. We hope it brings you a greater level of comfort and confidence and settles concerns you may have about your students’ safety. Through our partnership with TUSD, we will continue to work together to ensure that campus safety and security remains of greatest priority.

    Dana Salles Trevethan

    Chief Gary Hampton
    Turlock Police Department

Superintendent Dana Salles Trevethan

Dana Salles Trevethan
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