• Dear TUSD Community, Happy New Year and welcome back to the second half of the 2018-19 school year. Time spent with students and our valued stakeholders continues to be our greatest joy as we focus on learning and achievement for young minds and hearts. Our most recent data indicates we are making academic gains at several of our sites; however, needed improvement has been noted in the areas of math, ELA, chronic absenteeism, and college-career preparation at many of our campuses. As a result, TUSD will be supported by Stanislaus County Office of Education to address these areas with increased attention to best practices, interventions, and additional monitoring and support from site and district administrators. In addition to heightened attention to growth in our students’ learning, maintaining student safety and well-being will enhance our efforts.

    TUSD remains committed to maintaining consistent communication and input which will continue throughout the school year. Diverse groups of students will once again participate in Superintendent Student Senates in March at every site; I am always impressed with the perceptions of our students and their ability to both identify problems and suggest solutions. Similarly, multiple parent and staff forums and meetings are calendared in order to share and collect timely and relevant information. I appreciate the heart and wisdom collected at these venues, and I enjoy listening and learning from parents and colleagues who make a daily difference for young people, knowing that Every Kid is One Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story.

    Measure N & O projects will continue throughout the spring and summer as we work to ensure our community’s financial support touches every school and student. Modernized facilities, security fences and cameras, and STEM-related equipment remain at the forefront of our priorities. Additionally, staff will support our collective efforts to keep students safe and academically thriving by engaging in Active Threat Training at the start of the New Year prior to welcoming students back on January 9th.

    All students deserve our time, attention, and care—and TUSD is committed to every learner we have the honor of teaching and influencing. The best in our staff brings out the very best in our youth. Research shows that students who believe they have a voice in school are seven times more likely to be academically motivated than students who do not feel respected or heard. Our ultimate goal is to develop life-long learners and empower their quest for meaningful, educational experiences. With your support, this is achievable. Your advocacy and engagement can make this happen for our community’s future leaders. TUSD optimistically welcomes a promising 2019 and increased engagement at all 15 school communities.

    Dana Salles Trevethan

TAS Graduation

Superintendent Dana Salles Trevethan

Dana Salles Trevethan
Every Kid is One Caring Adult Away from Being a Success Story

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