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Safe Schools for Staff

Safe Schools for Staff

Assembly Bill 1432 requires all school employees to take mandated reporter training within the first six weeks of the school year starting.  To accomplish this, TUSD will be using a 32 minute, web-based training course provided by Keenan Safe Schools.

Keenan Safe Schools Training FAQs

What’s in the course?

The course has four separate presentations and a final, brief quiz.  The presentations are PowerPoints with audio.  Participants must watch and listen to the four separate presentations, then take and pass the quiz, in order to fulfill the training requirements. 

How do people access the course?

It’s web-based, so participants can access it where they have access to the Internet, and have sound.

Keenan Safe Schools Training Course Website

Who has to complete it?

All of our staff members, certificated, classified, and administrative, are considered mandated reporters and must complete the training.  Staff members with email accounts will use their email address to access the training.  Staff members without email accounts have had usernames created for them, and Ashley Brown in the HR department will be sending sites these lists shortly. 

When does this training need to be completed?

AB 1432 stipulates that this needs to be done within the first six weeks of the start of school.  This training will be available until September 23rd, and staff must complete the online training by this date. 

What happens when a staff member completes the course and passes the quiz?

It’s recorded in the system and they are finished.  They may print a certificate of completion if they choose to do so, but it is not necessary.

Safe Schools Training