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Employee Safety

What to Do When an Injury Occurs

If a TUSD employee is injured on the job...

Medical care may be provided by the employee's personal physician, if pre-designated, or by a physician belonging to TUSD's Medical Provider Network (MPN).  Work Wellness is the District's designated facility, located at 1801 Colorado Avenue, Suite 130, in Turlock.

If the injury is greater than a simple first-aid injury, a representative of the District will provide the employee with a claim form to describe where, when and how it happened and assist the employee in seeking medical care.

  • Dial 911 if immediate emergency medical care is needed
  • Report injury immediately to Site/Department Administrator or Supervisor

Early Return to Work Program

Employees who are injured on the job have the opportunity to participate in TUSD's "Early Return to Work Program."  If an injured employee is not able to return to regular duty, he/she is eligible for a temporary modified duty or "bridge assignment."  As the injured employee's health and strength improve, the modified job tasks are gradually increased until the employee is back to work and functioning at full capacity. 

To learn more about this program, contact Lisa Alejandre, Risk Management/Leaves Technician.