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Payroll FAQ's

  • When is Payday?

    Payday for regular/permanent employees is the District’s last calendar working day of the month. Payday for overtime, extra hours and substitutes is the 10th of the month but may vary from the 9th to the 11th if the 10th falls on a weekend.

  • When are timesheets due?

    Timesheets are due to your supervisor or at your work site by the first working day after the 15th of the month, and must be signed by your supervisor.

  • Can my check be automatically deposited (Direct Deposit)?

    Yes, an automatic deposit form is included in the new-hire packets, and can also be located on the Financial Services page of the TUSD website. The form should be returned to the payroll office (District Office, Room 214). It will take two pay periods for the direct deposit to be completely processed.

  • Can I make changes for my Federal and State withholdings?

    Yes, you can change your withholdings (Form W-4, federal; Form DE4, state). The forms need to be turned into the payroll office (District Office, Room 214). Your tax withholding form must be submitted by the 10th of the month in order to be effective on your end of the month check. It must be submitted by the 20th of the month in order to be effective on the following 10th of the month check.

  • Is there a Credit Union available?

    Yes, Golden 1 Credit Union, MOCSE and Valley First Credit Union all have offices in Turlock and Modesto. We can check with Stanislaus County Office of Education for approval if you are affiliated with a credit union not listed. You must contact the credit union office to setup payroll deductions for our school district. Payroll deductions will not automatically continue from your prior school district, even if you previously worked in Stanislaus County.

  • Am I covered by disability insurance?

    State Disability Insurance (SDI) does not cover you unless you are part of the TFCE Classified Employee bargaining group. Private disability insurance/income protection plan is available and can be paid for through payroll deduction; see your bargaining unit representative or the American Fidelity sales representative to complete paperwork for enrollment and payroll deduction authorization. Under the CSEA contract, American Fidelity Disability coverage is mandatory.

  • What is the PERS deduction from my check?

    PERS is the acronym for Public Employee Retirement System CalPERS. All classified employees working four (4) hours or more contribute to PERS at a rate of 7% per month for classic members and 8% for PEPRA members. PERS is tax-deferred until retirement benefits are withdrawn. PERS members are also required to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes.

  • What is PEPRA?

    PEPRA is the acronym for the California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act, which took effect in January 2013. It changed the way CalPERS retirement and health benefits are applied, and places compensation limits on members. The greatest impact is felt by new CalPERS members.

  • What is STRS?

    STRS is the acronym for State Teachers Retirement System CalSTRS. All certificated employees working half time or more contribute to STRS at a rate of 10.25% for those whose membership started prior to 1/1/2013 and 10.205% for memberships starting on or after 1/1/2013. STRS is tax-deferred until retirement benefits are withdrawn. New STRS members are required to pay Medicare tax.

  • What are Medicare and Social Security (OASDI) taxes?

    All employees who are not subject to a retirement system are required to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes. The contribution will make you eligible for social security benefits and Medicare coverage upon reaching federal retirement age requirements.

  • What is a TSA (403b)?

    A 403b is a Tax Shelter Annuity (TSA) which is a tax-deferred retirement plan available to employees of public educational institutions. You may set up a monthly payroll deduction for deposit into a TSA. Federal and states taxes are deferred until funds are withdrawn at retirement age. If you are interested, please check online for an approved 403b company at 403bCompare. Be sure to set employer as Stanislaus County Office of Education. This link will give you the official list. The District also offers a 457b plan through Nationwide Retirement Solutions and AIG/VALIC.