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Developer Fees and School Facility Use

Use of District Facilities

Should you desire to use one of the facilities in the Turlock Unified School District:

Please be aware that a Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 for liability and property damage naming Turlock Unified School District as an additional insured, and the total fee charged is due at least one week prior to use. Those who use our facilities on an ongoing basis will be billed monthly.  Fees are based on actual costs of custodial services, utilities and supplies, and administrative support.

  • Contact the school site or the Facility Planning Office to determine if the facility is available.
  • Complete the form online.  (Forms are also available at the school sites or the Facility Planning Office)
  • Print or obtain a copy of the application to complete and sign.
  • Mail or deliver a completed and signed application to school site or the Facility Planning Office for approval.
  • Once approval is received the Facility Planning office will contact you.