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District Administration

Superintendent's Office

David Lattig


David Lattig

David Lattig, Interim Superintendent
Shari Fraga, Administrative Assistant
Lara Salazar, Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Business Services



Barney Gordon

Barney Gordon, Assistant Superintendent Business Services
Julie Tallman, Administrative Assistant

Leslie Swisher, Director of Facilities Planning/Safety
Kaitlin Tereshchenko, Secretary III

Scott Richardson, Director Maintenance & Operations
Jessica Bem Administrative Secretary I

Jennifer Lew-Vang, Director Child Nutrition
Cathy Ford, Child Nutrition Manager
Kendra Reyes, Administrative Secretary I

Robert Brogdon, Director of Technology Operations
Sandi Blacksmith, Administrative Secretary I - Technology

Dolores Flores, Director of Transportation
Luis Arrizon, Administrative Secretary I

Educational Services

Alice Solis


Alice Solis

Alice Solis, Interim Assistant Superintendent Educational Services
Connie Cusenza, Administrative Assistant

Gil Ogden, Director of Student Services
Flora Eppler, Administrative Secretary I

Shellie Santos, Director of Elementary Education
Lacy Richardson, Administrative Secretary I

2024-2025 Vacant, Director of English Learners, Assessment & Special Programs
Brianna Johnson, Administrative Secretary I

Erika Tschantz, Director of Special Education
Leandra Sagayno, Administrative Assistant/Office Manager - Special Education

John Acha, Director of Secondary Education
Nelia "Nelly" Velazquez, Administrative Secretary I
Hali Bream, Coordinator of Applied Horticulture and Environmental Studies 

Judy Huerta, Director of Early Childhood Education
Isela Avila, Administrative Secretary I (Head Start)
Aidee Hernandez, Administrative Secretary I (State Preschool)

Marie Russell, Director of Communications, Family Engagement & Outreach
Angelica Cardenas Ayala, Coordinator of Equity Initiatives
Angela Scott, Administrative Secretary I

Finance & Accountability



Marjorie Bettencourt

Marjorie Bettencourt, Assistant Superintendent/Finance and Accountability
Kimberly Elliott, Administrative Assistant/Office Manager/Finance and Accountability

Jessica Carson-Hull, Payroll & Benefits Supervisor

Human Resources


Fernando Ureno

Fernando Ureno, Interim Assistant Superintendent Human Resources
Tiffani Garcia, Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

Joseph Silveira, Director of Human Resources
Sharlin Owdisho, Administrative Assistant/Human Resources

Denise Duewell, Coordinator of Professional Development & Induction Program