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District Administration

Superintendent's Office



Dana Salles Trevethan

Dana Salles Trevethan, Superintendent
Roberta Cheney, Administrative Assistant
Shari Fraga, Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Business Services



Barney Gordon

Barney Gordon, Assistant Superintendent Business Services
Julie Tallman, Administrative Assistant

Martell Taylor, Facilities Planner/Safety Coordinator
Kaitlin Tereshchenko, Secretary III

Scott Richardson, Director Maintenance & Operations
Jessica Bem Administrative Secretary I

Jennifer Lew-Vang, Director Child Nutrition
Cathy Ford, Child Nutrition Manager
Vacant, Secretary III

Robert Brogdon, Director of Technology Operations
Sandi Blacksmith, Administrative Secretary I - Technology

Dolores Flores, Director of Transportation
Luis Arrizon, Secretary III

Educational Services



David Lattig

David Lattig, Assistant Superintendent Educational Services
Connie Cusenza, Administrative Assistant

Gil Ogden, Director of Student Services
Flora Eppler, Administrative Secretary I

Shellie Santos, Director of Elementary Education
Lacy Richardson, Administrative Secretary I

Alice Solis, Director of English Learners, Assessment & Special Programs
Brianna Johnson, Administrative Secretary I

Erika Tschantz, Director of Special Education
Leandra Sagayno, Administrative Assistant/Office Manager - Special Education
Lori Chavez, Administrative Secretary I

John Acha, Director of Secondary Education
Nelia "Nelly" Velazquez, Administrative Secretary I
Hali Bream, Coordinator of Applied Horticulture and Environmental Studies 

Judy Huerta, Director of Early Childhood Education
Isela Avila, Administrative Secretary I (Head Start)
Aidee Hernandez, Preschool Secretary II

Marie Russell, Director of Communications, Family Engagement & Outreach
Angelica Cardenas Ayala, Coordinator of Equity Initiatives
Marshall Beyer, Coordinator of Educational Technology & Support
Angela Scott, Administrative Secretary I

Finance & Accountability



Marjorie Bettencourt

Marjorie Bettencourt, Assistant Superintendent/Finance and Accountability
Kimberly Elliott, Administrative Assistant

Jessica Carson-Hull, Payroll & Benefits Supervisor

Human Resources


Fernando Ureno

Fernando Ureno, Assistant Superintendent Human Resources
Cheryl Crawford, Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

Joseph Silveira, Director of Human Resources
Tiffani Garcia, Administrative Assistant/Human Resources

Denise Duewell, Coordinator of Professional Development & Induction Program