2022-2023 School Year Bell Schedules

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What has changed with high school start and end times?

  • Have elementary school start and end times changed?

  • Have junior high and middle school start and end times changed?

  • What impact will these changes have on breakfasts and lunches?

  • Will high school bell schedule changes impact transportation (bus) schedules?

  • Will high schools still offer “0”/"A" period classes?

  • What supports and engagement opportunities are available to high school students prior to 8:30 AM?

  • As a parent of a high school student that relies on my high school student to care for my TK-8 child after school, what am I supposed to do now that 9-12 students are getting out of school after TK-8?

  • I have a student who receives transportation services per his/her IEP? Will this service change as a result of the shift in instructional minutes?