Bias Incident Reporting System

  • The Bias Incident Reporting System is part of TUSD’s effort to promote safe environments where all students can learn.


  • Welcome to the Bias Incident Reporting System. The Bias Incident Reporting System is a part of TUSD’s effort to promote safe environments where all students can learn. 

    Each school in TUSD has a Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) that meets every other week to examine and respond to incidents of bias that are reported to the school Bias Report Form.  The primary function of the team is to keep a record of biased incidents, provide care for the reporters who experienced/reported the biased incident, and to promote conversation about bias, diversity and equity issues on campus. Students have the option to report anonymously, however, by providing a name we can follow up, listen to experiences, discuss available resources, and recommend appropriate actions to the administration that are both preventative and responsive. 

    Bias incidents are any actions committed against a person or group that are motivated in whole or in part, by bias against the person’s or group’s sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, race, religion, or disability. 

    The TUSD Bias Incident Response Teams (BIRT) are NOT crisis response teams, or a disciplinary body. Therefore, this report is only intended to provide transparency for the community and accountability for addressing patterns and/or trends that may call for structural or cultural changes to occur.

Bias Incident FAQs

  • What are the Bias Incident teams at each site responsible for?

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