Planning Survey

  • Planning SurveyAs we prepare for the 2021-22 school year, TUSD, in alignment with the State of California, expects that schools will be fully open and students will participate in the most effective educational model—in-person learning. However, in anticipation of those few students who may have situations that require continued distance learning, the district is developing an approach to meet that need. The following components of distance learning are being considered at this time.

    • Combination of virtual learning through a
    • Screen time of 3-5 hours each day based on grade span
    • Independent assignments with parental support required to ensure work completion and instructional
      minute minimum
    • Parent/Student Contract for Accountability
    • Regular parent/teacher meetings
    • Students engagement in virtual class throughout the day with cameras on
    • Work completion requirements met
    • 95% attendance
    • Satisfactory progress as measured by assessment and grade reports

    Choice school programs will be offered only for in-person enrollment.

    Co- and Extra-Curricular activities, including athletics, will be available only to those participating in in-person learning outside of extenuating circumstances.

    Additional in-person supports for students who receive special services have been expanded due to the Expanded Learning Opportunity Grant. platform like Zoom and traditional independent study.

    Grade span-specific programming.