DRAFT TUSD Reopening Plan and Survey

  • TUSD is currently working on a plan for the safe reopening of schools which is also one of several components required for the potential submission of a TK-6 Elementary School Waiver. Other requirements of the waiver process include consultation with staff, parents, and community members; posting of a reopening plan on District website; and completion of the waiver application, itself. As part of this work, the District has developed the DRAFT TUSD TK-6 Safe Schools Reopening Plan: Elementary Education.

    When the District is permitted to return students to school for in-person learning, at any grade level, a number of new school procedures and health and safety protocols will be required which are included in the reopening plan. Your feedback will be helpful as we continue to revise and develop a final draft.

    TUSD will be hosting a Virtual TK-6 Reopening Forum on Monday, September 21. If you would like to wait to complete survey until after the Forum, the deadline to submit will be Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

Reopening Survey
Virtual TK-6 Reopening Forum