Distance Learning Schedules

Modifications to Distance Learning Plans

  • After reviewing the elementary and secondary schedules, a decision was made to modify these based on feedback from all stakeholder groups over the past week and planning for sustainability in the event we are in distance learning longer than initially anticipated. Ed Services and Human Resources collaborated with members of the planning committee and TTA leadership. The attached schedules reflect the recent modifications made to the TK-6 and 7-12 distance learning models.

    Whole class direct instruction for TK-6 elementary students will conclude before lunch starting Monday, August 31. Afternoons will be devoted to accommodating students’ individual learning needs, student completion of independent work, and providing time for staff to meet State requirements. Secondary schedules have also been modified to end earlier in the day. Each school’s specific schedule will be posted to the TUSD and school websites by the end of the day tomorrow.

    Recently released mandates for independent learning from the State, now require daily engagement with all Hybrid students. To meet this expectation, flexibility will be provided to full and part-time Hybrid teachers to determine the best method for achieving this. For example:

    • Full-time Hybrid Teacher: A 15-minute whole class daily meeting at the same time every day.
    • Part-time Hybrid Teacher: Invite their Hybrid student(s) to join a morning 15-minute distance learning class opening.

    Parents of Hybrid students who are interested in making a change to Distance Learning based on this information must contact their site Principal by the end of the school day on Wednesday, August 26. At this time, we are not accepting requests to change students from Distance Learning to the Hybrid model; however, we will re-visit if and when schools return to in-person instruction.

    We recognize some parents have shared concerns with the planned changes to the distance learning schedules. Unfortunately, we’ve come to realize there is no pleasing everyone during this pandemic state so we are doing our best to monitor, listen, and pivot when we become aware of struggles and concerns of most. We will continue striving to do what’s best for both our TUSD students and staff during this challenging time while also being mindful that the constant change in the world right now is causing many to experience anxiety, stress, and isolation. We are in this together.

Distance Learning: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why did TUSD modify Distance Learning schedules?

  • Why are TK-6 teachers focusing on ELA and math?

  • How will students learn Science and History-Social Science?

  • How is TUSD meeting new State requirements?

  • Why didn't PM TK/K not change to meeting in the morning?

  • How will AP students be prepared for end of year exams?

  • How will Dual Immersion students acquire enough instruction time in both Spanish and English?

  • TUSD has two models available currently—which is best, Distance Learning or Hybrid Independent Learning?

  • Can I move my students back and forth between Distance Learning and Hybrid throughout the year to meet our family’s needs?

Hybrid: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why do students in the Hybrid Independent Learning Model need daily contact beginning September 1?

  • How much time will daily check-in take for Hybrid students?

  • What happens if my student doesn't connect with his Hybrid teacher?

  • Can I change my students from Distance Learning to Hybrid?

Additional Information on TK-6 Afternoon

  • New distance learning schedules for TK-6 will provide time in the afternoon for the following:

    • Receive 1:1 or small group support from the teacher at scheduled times
    • Complete independent practice assignments from the morning session​
    • Practice skills through TUSD's supplemental support programs for ELA and math intervention & enrichment
    • Communicate with the teacher as part of outreach and wellness checks as needed
    • Complete State requirements related to monitoring attendance and student engagement in learning.

NEW Distance Learning Schedules Effective August 31, 2020

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