August 11 TUSD Virtual PD Day

  • Setting the tone for 2020-21 with mindfulness toward support for students and staff from diverse backgrounds and experiences, TUSD’s August 11 Professional Development Day will establish foundational understanding of diversity awareness, cultural competence, and racial bias through the following Keenan training modules.

    • Diversity Awareness: Staff-to-Students
    • Cultural Competence and Racial Bias
    • Diversity Awareness: Staff-to Staff 

    TUSD’s Equity Task Force (ETF) has initiated and supported work in this area including unconscious bias training, ETF Literacy Project, student achievement data analysis, Equity Board Policy (2018) and, most recently, Board Resolution 4/2020-21: Proclaiming Support for Black Students, Families, and Staff which is attached above. As we increase awareness and understanding on our journey of creating a district culture of true equity, the task force and others with passion for such change will work collaboratively to evaluate offerings and plan ongoing training through book studies, virtual platforms, and future in-person professional development.

    Following the diversity awareness training, Educational Services has included professional development for Social-Emotional Learning and Tech in TUSD. Both of these options have been revised to “self-scheduled” and teachers/PLCs/school sites have flexibility. For those teachers who would prefer to participate in SEL and Tech PD at a later date, they may plan to do so. Teachers may want to identify student needs in their classes and/or self-reflect on technological proficiency and select the most relevant training to meet their needs.

    Teachers who do not participate in Social-Emotional Learning or Tech in TUSD training on August 11 are expected to use the allocated time for additional collaboration and/or preparation for distance learning. 

    Additional information may be found by clicking on the link below; a BB Comms message will be sent tomorrow at 8:00 AM with links to the Keenan training.

    TUSD’s Educational Services Team continues to provide support with the implementation of the Distance Learning and Hybrid Learning Models through training and additional time to meet teachers’ needs. Our team has been mindful in developing a number of opportunities prior to August 12, including six hours of additional preparation/collaboration time, minimum day/transition phase for August 12-14, and flexibility in training participation for the PD Day. Opening 2020-21 is unlike any before and our goal is to provide assistance to ensure success in the new year for TUSD teachers and their students.

    Best wishes for a successful start to the new school year!

    Virtual PD Flyer

Flyer with Clickable Links

Resolution No. 4