• Will students be administered Smarter Balance and ELPAC in the 2020-2021 school year?

  • Will students be receiving 2019-2020 Smarter Balance and ELPAC Test Scores?

  • Will students be able to earn the State Seal of Biliteracy (SSB) in the 2020-2021 school year?

Child Care

  • Will there be After School Education & Safety (ASES) Program?

State Preschool/Head Start

  • How will Head Start and State Preschool classes operate this year?

Special Education

  • How will the Distance Learning Model work for special education students with an IEP?

  • How will the Hybrid Learning Model work for special education students with an IEP? 

  • How will Resource support look during the Hybrid Learning Model? 

  • How will speech services be delivered to my child? (Both Hybrid and Distance Learning) 

  • Will my child with an IEP have the opportunity to interact with peers to work on social skills during Distance Learning? 

  • What if my child with an IEP has a hard time sitting in front of the computer for instruction?

  • My child has a pending assessment for special education. How will assessments be conducted?

  • What about IEP Meetings, how will they be held?

  • Will my special education student receive services in the Distance Learning Model?


  • I have home Internet access but I’m not sure if it’s fast enough.

  • I have ATT or Charter but the connectivity is spotty.  What should I do?

  • Is there anything I can do to help improve video conferencing calls (i.e. Zoom)?

  • I live in a rural part of town and have a hard time getting Internet access. What can I do?  

  • What if I can’t afford Internet access?

  • Can I get a discount on home Internet?  

  • Will teachers have access to adequate technology to provide distance learning?  

Hybrid vs Distance Learning Model

  • What is the difference between the Distance Learning Model and the Hybrid Independent Learning Model?

Hybrid Independent Learning Model

  • When is the registration due for the Hybrid model?

  • If I registered my student online at the TUSD website for the Hybrid Model, can I change my mind and opt for Distance Learning?

  • Can I choose the Hybrid model after July 27?

  • After Hybrid registration, what are next steps?

  • If I register my child for the Hybrid model for 2020-21, will she lose his/her place in lottery program?

  • When will my student meet with teacher on the Hybrid model?

  • What curriculum will be used in the Hybrid model?

  • How will Edgenuity work for the Hybrid model?

  • Will there be Honors/AP course offerings in the Hybrid model?

  • If we decide on the Hybrid model, can students return to the GATE program when in-person learning resumes?

  • Is the Hybrid model a good fit for Dual Immersion students?

  • How would the Hybrid model work with extracurricular classes such as sports and music?

  • Will my child’s regular classroom teacher be providing the Hybrid model instruction and assignments?

  • Will my high schooler get all the classes he requested in the Hybrid model?

Distance Learning Model

  • Can my student change from Distance Learning to the Hybrid model if traditional school resumes?

  • How will the Distance Learning Model work for GATE?

  • How will our comprehensive high schools prepare students for Advanced Placement (AP) exams?