2020-2021 Planning for Change Staff Survey Results

  • Thank you to the 4,024 TUSD parents who took time to complete the Planning for Change parent survey which was available online and hard copy in English and Spanish. Your input has been extremely helpful in guiding decision-making as we move forward with the reopening of schools for 2020-21. In addition to the survey responses below, 1,734 comments were recorded. While parents shared many differing perspectives and opinions, there were recurring themes which have been compiled and included with the survey results. All comments were read and the personal stories and experiences demonstrated the difficulties and trauma that TUSD students and families faced during the COVID-19 pandemic shelter at home and suspension of school.

    Although the parent and staff surveys were open prior to the most recent increase in COVID-19 cases in Stanislaus County, the data is still relevant to planning and identifying TUSD’s needs to prepare for 2020-21. Additionally, many comments provided wide-ranging views that took into consideration possibilities such as more cases of infection. With the change in circumstances, TUSD will be responsive to those changes and the guidance of state and local officials.

    TUSD is following the guidance of State and local officials and gathering input from stakeholders in developing a comprehensive plan for the reopening of schools which will be shared with parents once finalized.

    Summary of most frequent comments

    • Return to school with traditional schedule with normal activities, including athletics, music, and drama.
    • Open schools with health and safety protocols in place, including regular hand washing, increased sanitation and disinfection, and social distancing.
    • If students become ill at school, send them home. Do not return students to class when they show any symptoms of contagious illness.
    • Do not reopen schools; wait for a vaccine.
    • Consider the needs of working parents.
    • Staff and/or students should wear masks.
    • Staff and/or students should not wear masks.
    • If TUSD must implement Distance Learning, improve communication between teacher, student, and parent and use a consistent daily schedule with instruction like traditional school.
    • Provide an option for students to learn at home (TUSD’s Hybrid/Independent Learning Model).
    • Be mindful of students’ well-being, including loss of learning, missing friends and activities, and mental health.