Distance Learning Staff Survey

  • TUSD Colleagues-
    I hope that you and your families are well as we begin final preparations for the opening of the 2020-21 school year with TUSD’s Distance Learning Model. Thank you to all who have been involved in the planning process through the Initial & Expanded Planning Committees, numerous subcommittees, and standards review/prioritization teams. Contributions through parent and staff surveys and schedule development input were extremely helpful, as well. Although we had planned for a traditional opening and prepared for the possibility of a resurgence of the coronavirus in late fall or early winter, we did not expect to find ourselves in this current situation. However, our combined focus on creating the best possible approach to engage students in any learning model, including while they learn from home, has led to this moment. Many of you also have shared ideas individually through calls, emails, and texts which have informed the planning. To gather input specific to distance learning and staff childcare needs, please complete either the certificated or classified survey found at the appropriate link below:

    Certificated Staff

    Classified Staff

    As we’ve experienced since the beginning of the pandemic, information continues to change at a rapid pace. Every aspect of public education and most other sectors of society are undergoing frequent adaptations to changing COVID-19 conditions, medical protocols, policies and regulations, and guidance from state and local officials. Those who have shown patience and understanding are truly appreciated. Although this has become an overused phrase, these are unprecedented times.

    Please know that the US in TUSD has never been more important and you are valued as an individual and member of the team of nearly 2,000 responsible for the education of our 14,000+ students.

    Stay healthy and safe.

2020-21 Planning for Change Staff Survey Results

  • Thank you to the 766 certificated and 715 classified staff members who took time to complete the Planning for Change staff survey. Your input has been extremely helpful in guiding decision-making as we move forward with the reopening of schools for 2020-21. In addition to the survey responses below, 676 comments were recorded. While staff members shared many differing perspectives and opinions, there were recurring themes which have been compiled and included with the survey results. All comments were read and the concerns, ideas, and suggestions of teachers and support staff reflected both challenges created by the pandemic and the sincere interest in returning to work with students.

    TUSD is following the guidance of state and local officials and gathering input from stakeholders in developing a comprehensive plan for the reopening of schools which will be shared with staff and parents once finalized.

    Although the parent and staff surveys were open prior to the most recent increase in COVID-19 cases in Stanislaus County, the data is still relevant to planning and identifying TUSD’s needs to prepare for 2020-21. Additionally, many comments provided wide-ranging views that took into consideration possibilities such as more cases of infection. With the change in circumstances, TUSD will be responsive to those changes and the guidance of state and local officials.

    Summary of most frequent comments

    • Return to school with traditional schedule.
    • Open schools with health and safety protocols in place, including regular hand washing/sanitizing, increased sanitation and disinfection, daily temperature checks, and social distancing.
    • Do not reopen schools until determined safe to do so with reduction of cases.
    • Staff and/or students should wear masks or face shields.
    • Staff and/or students should not wear masks.
    • Address issues related to students’ well-being, especially loss of learning and mental health concerns.
    • Provide opportunities for students to spend time outside for learning, physical activity, and lunch.
    • If TUSD must implement the Blended or Distance Learning models, develop and implement specific expectations and accountability for students and teachers.
    • Support students with disabilities on IEPS and consider options to best provide learning for them.
    • Find a means to connect all students to the internet so distance learning is equitable.
    • Provide training for students, staff, and parents to increase success of distance learning.
    • Recognize the difficulty of the last five months on teachers and staff who may have underlying conditions, care for fragile family members, or suffer from anxiety or depression.
    • Consider the needs of all working parents.
    • Develop new protocols for students and staff who become ill at school to reduce the spread of any illness.
    • Ensure that all classrooms, work spaces, and restrooms are cleaned and disinfected daily.
    • Consider other health and safety procedures, specifically increasing ventilation, reducing shared classroom materials, and teaching students about effective hygiene practices.

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