• The Employees Making a Difference program annually recognizes the efforts of many of our outstanding classified employees, often working behind the scenes, yet critical to the education of our students.  These individuals assist in helping our schools run smoothly while promoting learning, providing support and often times, lending the helping hand or an ear to listen at just the right time.

Employees Making a Difference

  • Stephanie Bettencourt - Brown Elementary
    Arlette Magallon - Crowell Elementary
    Stephanie Figueiredo - Cunningham Elementary
    Robert Williams - Dutcher Middle School
    Lacey Vieira - Earl Elementary
    Patricia Aydenian - Julien Elementary
    Nettie Ulrich - Medeiros Elementary
    Ana Moran De Mendez - Osborn Two-Way Immersion
    Matthew Storment - Pitman High School
    Robert Alcantar - Roselawn High School
    Robin Lauck - Turlock High School
    Patricia Puthuff - Turlock Junior High School
    Mario Godinez - Wakefield Elementary
    Rhonda Rose - Walnut Elementary Education Center