Phase III Learning Materials Distribution

  • In an effort to continue to provide learning opportunities for our students, materials for Phase 3 of the school suspension will be distributed at all school sites on Thursday, April 30 and Friday, May 1 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Head Start, Preschool, and TK through 6 materials will include hard copy learning essentials for Phase 3. Secondary materials, grades 7-12, are available online, on a thumb drive or hard copy at school offices.

April 27, 2020 Letter to Parents on Grading

  • Dear TUSD Parents and Guardians:
    Thank you to all who have taken on the challenging role of supporting children with learning at home during the suspension of school. We recognize that this has been a difficult time for many and your efforts are truly appreciated as we conclude the current school year and plan ahead for serving our students and families in 2020-21.

    The following update includes information regarding ongoing distance learning, report card grades, and expectations for high school seniors. With respect to student learning during this time, the first priority for TUSD and all California school districts is the concept that we will engage students and ensure that any evaluation of progress or grades will “hold students harmless” from the time that school was suspended and they were unable to receive daily classroom instruction.

    TUSD schools and teachers have worked to create distance learning opportunities for all students which have been implemented in three phases developed following the direction and timelines established by State and local officials.

    • Phase 1 March 19 - April 9 Optional Learning Opportunities
    • Phase 2 April 20 - May 1 Optional Learning Opportunities
    • Phase 3 May 4 - May 29 Graded Distance Learning

    Our District’s students, teachers, and parents have been experiencing distance learning for the first time through a variety of approaches, including remote class meetings, online content, instructional television, and hard copy print materials. With the transition to Phase 3 and Graded Distance Learning, teachers will evaluate student work and complete report cards, as follows.

    Transitional Kindergarten through Grade Six Third trimester report card achievement marks will remain 1-4. For standards not assessed due to distance learning limitations, a mark of N/A will be recorded. Report cards will be mailed home by the second week in June.
    Grades Seven through Twelve Fourth quarter and second semester grades will be marked Credit or No Credit. Letter grades for a course may be requested by a student on or before Friday, May 15. No finals will be administered for the spring, 2020 semester. Report cards will be mailed home by the second week of June.

    For continuing students, please strongly encourage your child to complete learning materials in preparation for 2020-2021. TUSD will be working with staff through the remainder of the spring and summer to determine how best to support all students as they matriculate to the next grade level, course, or program because we recognize that it will be crucial to focus on any gaps that may result from the suspension of school.

    For our high school seniors, every effort will be made to engage students through the finals month of the 2019-2020 school year and provide experiences and celebrations to recognize their achievements. As they prepare to enter college, career, or the military, their completion of the State of California's graduation requirements is necessary to earn a TUSD high school diploma. Additionally, participation in ongoing learning will build and maintain skills necessary to succeed on their chosen path. For those at risk of not completing graduation requirements, please verify that your student is connecting regularly with teachers, completing work, and connecting with their counselor.

    Through the suspension of school due to COVID-19, TUSD's Educational Services and schools have focused on supporting students learning and meeting social-emotional needs. Our partnership with parents has never been more important. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child's school or the Educational Services Office.

    Stay healthy and safe,
    Heidi Lawler


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