COVID-19 Verify or Test Requirement

  • October 11, 2021 - Please see updated information we received from HR Support Pros, TUSD/CSUS testing site administrators:

    • Consent & Release Form– HR Support Pros provided TUSD a PDF of the attached form to be distributed and printed by the staff so as to fill out before arriving. Apparently on Saturday, some staff members did not bring the form, stated they were not told of a form, or refused to sign the form. Without the form signed, TUSD will not receive your results automatically. Going forward, if you do not want to complete this form, you may still test but will be responsible for providing TUSD your test results. As a reminder, please email them to NOTE: The Consent & Release form only needs to be completed and signed once a calendar year.
    • Insurance– HR Support Pros provides testing for free (no copays or deductibles billed) to individuals with proof of insurance and free to those with no insurance (need government I.D.). Those without either are asked to pay $100 per test (rare). NOTE: You will be prompted to enter your social security number in the online registration portal if select no insurance option.
    • Avellino Portal Issue– HR Support Pros continues to work with TUSD I.T. Dept. on login issues. Currently this seems to be an issue isolated to TUSD staff as HR Support Pros has received no complaints from elsewhere in the State. I have shared that our employees have tried logging in from various devices and reported same issue. The good news is that you can register on site. There will be additional help on Wednesday at our TUSD Child Nutrition Education testing location. They are encouraging folks to try to register beforehand. I am happy to assist as I helped several folks with this over the weekend.
    • Lab Results – Lab results typically are available 24-48 hrs. after testing with average turnaround at about 19 hrs.(weekends 48-72hrs., avg. 36hrs.)
    • Pre-Registered– If TUSD staff have registered at another of HR Support Pros sites (CSUS, Merced Fairgrounds, Stockton Region) in 2021, please let their staff know and which site. It is very likely that you are in their data base and may not have to register again.

    October 8, 2021 - As we shared before, the State of CA COVID-19 test or verify requirement must be implemented by October 15. The TUSD testing window for Week 1 starts this Saturday and ends Friday, October 15.

    Based on information we received from the State Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and in consultation with Union leadership, we have reached a verbal agreement to compensate unvaccinated/unverified staff a flat rate of $20 per weekly test (which includes mileage) done outside the workday. Payment will be made in January, June, and July and more information will follow on this process.

    Due to staffing concerns and limited availability of subs, employees will not be provided release time during their regular workday to participate in this surveillance testing. Please note, we are unable to provide compensation for testing that occurs during breaks/lunch on a workday and there is no release time for testing during the workday, including during a prep period.

    A few reminders:

    • If you visit any of the testing sites below and have completed the attached waiver form, your results will be sent to us automatically as long as you share that you are a TUSD employee:
      1. TUSD Testing Site at Child Nutrition Education Department (Wednesday 6:00 AM-2:00 PM TUSD Child Nutrition Education Center, 1901 Auto Mall Drive, Turlock, CA)
      2. TUSD Testing Site on Wallace Street (Saturday 8:00 AM-1:00 PM Wallace Street between Julien & THS)
      3. CSU, Stanislaus (Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-4:00 PM)

    If you test at a location besides TUSD/CSUS, you may want to request some type of proof of testing in case there is a delay in receiving your results. Again, we cannot accept home tests only those from a primary care provider, community clinic, or pharmacy. Once you receive your results, please send them to

    • We are working to resolve a network error when employees try to pre-register with Avellino for COVID-19 testing. This is an issue with Avellino not TUSD. In the meantime, you may want to try from a home computer or phone or a different browser.

    If you have any questions about the MOU, please reach out to Union leadership. Any questions about testing, please continue to reach out to me and/or check FAQs for latest info
    October 5, 2021 - As we shared on August 11, the State issued an order that requires all teachers and school employees to be vaccinated or submit to regular COVID-19 testing. On September 10, the federal government issued a similar plan for employers with 100 or more employees. TUSD must be in full compliance with the State mandate by October 15, 2021.

    Staff who have been *fully vaccinated should have submitted a copy of their COVID-19 vaccination card to or in-person to Human Resources. If you have not submitted a copy yet, please do so as soon as possible. A digital copy of a vaccine record can be located at We will continue to accept proof of full vaccination on an ongoing basis.

    Staff who have not submitted proof of vaccination are required to test weekly. Please review FAQs below for more information:


  • When does testing begin?

  • Where do I test?

  • Can I pre-register for the TUSD drive-thru testing/CSUS in order to expedite this process?

  • What type of test is allowed?

  • What is required to test?

  • Who do I send my results to?

  • What type of results are required?

  • If I had COVID-19 already do I have to test?

  • Can I be paid to test on my lunch break?

  • Are exemptions allowed for testing?

  • What are the consequences of not testing?

  • What happens to the current verify-or-test requirement when the new State vaccine mandate goes into effect?

  • Do substitute employees need to test weekly?

  • Why do I need to provide proof of insurance?

  • Does disclosing my test results to my employer violate my HIPAA rights?

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New CA Order for Teachers and School Staff

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  • Save the Date: Stanislaus County Health Services Agency (SCHSA) will be at Turlock High School on Nove,ber 16 and Pitman High School on November 23 for Mobile Vaccine Clinics from 3:00-6:00 PM in the school cafeterias.

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