June 2, 2020

  • Current Status of High School Athletics, TUSD Facilities, Youth Sports, and Other Organized Activities Utilizing TUSD Facilities:

    It is encouraging to see our Nation, State, and local community start down the path of re-opening, but we must stay diligent as a community to remain on that path. Professional and college sports teams have been identifying how to restart their seasons and in some instances have begun practice in very controlled environments. As a result, there is a feeling among some of our stakeholders (which may include some coaches and club teams) that they, too, can restart practices and programs. Please understand the safety of our students, staff, and community is our number one priority. TUSD will continue to collaborate with state and local health officials for guidance on how and when we might restart our own athletic programs and when we will allow outside organizations to once again use our facilities. Stanislaus County is currently on Expanded Stage 2 of the California Resiliency Roadmap and has produced their Good 2 Go Stanislaus guidelines for re-opening our community. In accordance with the Good 2 Go Stanislaus document, athletics and youth sports is a Stage 3 activity and, once our County allows Stage 3 activities, we will re-evaluate our ability to meet these requirements which begins on page 24 of the document. 

    We also must be consistent on the following policies:

    • All current state and local guidelines for social distancing should be adhered to when utilizing our facilities.
    • TUSD gates and courts are open for casual use by community members to provide individuals (and families living under the same roof), recreational opportunities.
    • Under the Civic Center Act, and in accordance with Board Policy 1330, any activities beyond casual use (which includes athletic practices or organized competitions of any kind) requires written authorization through a TUSD Facilities Use Agreement. 
    • TUSD is not currently issuing Facilities Use Agreements due to COVID-19 and therefore remains closed to our District and club athletic teams until further notice. Therefore, no practices or organized activities should be occurring on TUSD facilities and said activities will be considered trespassing.
    • As Stanislaus County is currently in Expanded Stage 2 of the California Resiliency Guidelines, TUSD athletics are currently canceled. Our ability to meet Stage 3 guidelines will be evaluated when our County reaches that classification of the Resiliency Roadmap; TUSD is aligning these expectations to other districts in Stanislaus County. We do anticipate current guidelines will change with the hope of getting our students and coaches re-engaged in our athletic programs in a safe manner.
    • Individualized workouts can be provided by high school coaches so student-athletes remain in shape throughout the summer. It is not currently permissible for coaches to organize practices with their athletes on or away from their school sites. 

    Further guidance will be provided as we work within our State and County health guidelines. The diligence of adults making good decisions and providing good direction will inevitably allow us to continue down the path to re-opening our facilities completely. The opposite is also true.