GATE Test Administration

  • GATE Test Administration is administered annually to all 3rd graders unless a parent chooses to opt their child out from testing. Students are given the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test Third Edition (NNAT3).  The NNAT3 is a nonverbal measure of general ability for students. 

    The GATE Test Administration window can be found on the District’s TUSD Testing Calendar.


  • What is GATE and its purpose?

  • What are the benefits of a GATE Program?

  • How is the program differentiated or enhanced?

  • What are characteristics of gifted children?

  • What are traits of giftedness?

  • What are the locations of the District’s elementary GATE Program?

  • What are the grades levels of the elementary GATE Program?

  • Is there a GATE program at the middle school /junior high school?

  • What is the criteria for GATE ELA courses at Dutcher Middle School and Turlock Junior High School?

  • How does my student get into the STEM Program at Turlock Junior High School?

  • What programs are offered at the high schools?

  • What is the focused framework in the GATE classes?

  • Is transportation provided to GATE Programs?

  • If my child is placed in GATE, can siblings attend the school where the GATE program is located?

  • Are the common core state standards and adopted core taught in the GATE classes?