Our Mission

  • The TUSD Equity Task Force is committed to equitable practices and experiences for all students and staff to mitigate social inequalities and embrace human diversity.

Diversity and Equity Vision Statement

  • The Turlock Unified School District will:

    • Develop an attendance improvement support plan.
    • Analyze curriculum to ensure the implementation of accurately embedded multi-culturalism.
    • Educate and train staff and students on diversity and equity-related issues.
    • Engage in courageous conversations throughout the District.
    • Analyze data and programs to identify inequities and take corrective action.
    • Ensure consistently high expectations for all student groups.
    • Celebrate diversity and multi-culturalism community-wide.
Equity Task Force Logo

2021-2022 Book Study

  • The TUSD Equity Task Force is continuing its efforts to support diversity and multiculturalism in classrooms through its Literacy Project. The following book titles were selected during the 2020-2021 school year and have been received at school sites and libraries.

    • Why Johnny Doesn't Flap NT is OK! - by Clay and Gail Morton (Neurotypical Disorder)
    • Alma and How She Got Her Name - Juana Martinez-Neal (Latina girl with the theme of honoring one's name)
    • Red - Michael Hall (theme - courage to be true to your inner self, honoring other's uniqueness)

    Literacy Project leads are reviewing titles to reflect the mission and vision of the Equity Task Force for purchase during the 2021-2022 school year.