2020-2021 Book Study

  • The TUSD Equity Task Force has embarked on a new book project for the 2020-2021 school year. Three suggestions we have for books for teachers in grades TK-6 are:

    • Why Johnny Doesn't Flap NT is OK! - by Clay and Gail Morton (Neurotypical Disorder)
    • Alma and How She Got Her Name - Juana Martinez-Neal (Latina girl with the theme of honoring one's name)
    • Red - Michael Hall (theme - courage to be true to your inner self, honoring other's uniqueness)
Equity Task Force Logo

Our Mission

  • The TUSD Equity Task Force is committed to equitable practices and experiences for all students and staff to mitigate social inequalities and embrace human diversity.

Diversity and Equity Vision Statement

  • The Turlock Unified School District will:

    • Develop an attendance improvement support plan.
    • Analyze curriculum to ensure the implementation of accurately embedded multi-culturalism.
    • Educate and train staff and students on diversity and equity-related issues.
    • Engage in courageous conversations throughout the District.
    • Analyze data and programs to identify inequities and take corrective action.
    • Ensure consistently high expectations for all student groups.
    • Celebrate diversity and multi-culturalism community-wide.