Our Mission

  • The TUSD Equity Task Force is committed to equitable practices and experiences for all students and staff to mitigate social inequalities and embrace human diversity.

Diversity and Equity Vision Statement

  • The Turlock Unified School District will:

    • Develop an attendance improvement support plan.
    • Analyze curriculum to ensure the implementation of accurately embedded multi-culturalism.
    • Educate and train staff and students on diversity and equity-related issues.
    • Engage in courageous conversations throughout the District.
    • Analyze data and programs to identify inequities and take corrective action.
    • Ensure consistently high expectations for all student groups.
    • Celebrate diversity and multi-culturalism community-wide.

2022-2023 Focus Areas

  • Student Agency and Voice

  • Family and Community Engagement

  • Student Achievement

2022-2023 Equity Task Force Book Study

  • The Listening LeaderThe Listening Leader is a practical guide that will inspire school, district, and teacher leaders to make substantive change and increase equitable student outcomes. Rooted in the values of equity, relationships, and listening, this luminous book helps reimagine what is possible in education today. Drawing from more than 20 years of experience in public schools, Shane Safir incorporates hands-on strategies and powerful stories to show us how to leverage one of the most vital tools of leadership: listening. As a Listening Leader, you'll feel more confident in these core competencies:  

    • Cultivating relationships with stakeholders  
    • Addressing equity challenges in your organization  
    • Gathering student, staff, and parent perspectives as rich data on improvement  Fostering a thriving culture of collaboration and innovation  
    • The Listening Leader offers a much-needed leadership model to transform every facet of school life, and most importantly, to shape our schools into equitable places of learning. As Michael Fullan writes in the Foreword, "Read it, act on it, and reap the benefits for all."

2021-2022 Recap Actions with an Equity Focus

  • Professional Development

  • Book Studies

  • District Actions

  • Ongoing Initiatives

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