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Teach Us Your Name

Our Mission

  • The TUSD Equity Task Force is committed to equitable practices and experiences for all students and staff to mitigate social inequalities and embrace human diversity.

Diversity and Equity Vision Statement

  • The Turlock Unified School District will:

    • Develop an attendance improvement support plan.
    • Analyze curriculum to ensure the implementation of accurately embedded multi-culturalism.
    • Educate and train staff and students on diversity and equity-related issues.
    • Engage in courageous conversations throughout the District.
    • Analyze data and programs to identify inequities and take corrective action.
    • Ensure consistently high expectations for all student groups.
    • Celebrate diversity and multi-culturalism community-wide.

2019-2020 Book Study

  • The TUSD Equity Task Force has embarked on a new book project for the 2019-20 school year.   Each trimester, teachers will introduce a new book or piece of literature to bring awareness, appreciation, and respect for our diversity. Book titles were carefully selected and will be distributed each trimester.  The first trimester book selection is, Teach Us Your Name by Huda Essa.  During a staff meeting in October,  a member of the Equity Task Force will read aloud the selected book, lead a discussion, and then each teacher will leave with a copy to read aloud to their students. To assist teachers in leading meaningful discussions, bookmarks were created that have discussion questions and writing ideas. 

    Discussion Questions

    • Whose view of the world does this story portray? (Whose story is being told?) How do you know? How are they different?
    • How are the characters like you or someone you know? How are they different?
    • How is the setting of the story similar or different from your neighborhood or places you have visited?
    • Can you relate to the situation or problem in the story? How? If this situation happened at school, how could you/we handle it?

    Writing Ideas

    • Use any discussion questions as a springboard for writing prompts.
    • Create prompts specific to your read aloud.
    • (Before reading) Pick a page from the story and ask students to talk about what they see and then write what they see.
    • Write a letter to a character from the story.