DMS Construction Updates

  • As part of the Measure N bond passed by Turlock Voters November 2016 and other funding sources, Dutcher Middle School is being secured with fencing, a single point of entry, overhaul to address parking lot improvements, student restrooms, health, fire, life, safety and ADA upgrades. 

    Parking/Access: Parking and access at the start of the school year will be identical to the end of the school year last year. There will be a parking area accessible from Pioneer and a drop-off roundabout accessible from Hawkeye.  Pedestrian access is also available from Pioneer as well as Hawkeye.  The Hawkeye access will function like our single point of entry for our other fenced sites (i.e. allow people freely on campus before and after school) but will funnel people through the single point of entry front office during school hours.  Access from Pioneer will be secured during school hours.

    The south end of the parking lot will be available for STAFF PARKING and pedestrian access beginning 9/3.  There will be NO STUDENT DROP OFF in this lot.

    Currently, the following construction is in-progress at Dutcher Middle School:  

    • Parking Lot Improvements: To increase student and pedestrian safety, increase the number of parking stalls, and increase the efficiency of the parking lot, the main parking is going through a complete renovation and will remain inaccessible to vehicle and pedestrian/students.  Work on the main parking lot began in May and is expected to be completed by the first part of October. The south end of the parking lot will be available the first week in September for limited use.
    • Restroom Improvements: The restroom on the East side of BLDG C is undergoing a full renovation for ADA accessibility improvements.  Construction is nearly complete; this restroom should return to service by Tuesday, 9/4.
    • Security Fencing/Single Point of Entry: The permanent security fencing project is approximately 90% complete.  Temporary fencing is in place to secure the campuses and provide a single point of entry through the front office.  
    • Food Service: All food serving lines will be unchanged from last year.  The cafeteria is fully operational for students to receive their lunch and eat indoors if they choose.  As the quad area will be inaccessible, we’ve set up picnic tables near the Dutcher garden for students who prefer to eat outdoors. A new food service area is being added and will be available shortly after the start of the school year.  
    • Quad improvements: The quad is being upgraded with new outdoor eating spaces and shade structures.  This area is currently will be off-limits and secured with temporary fencing; we expect the quad to open in late September.

    Red areas below will be inaccessible to pedestrians and student at the start of the school year.

    Map of DMS with areas indicating no student access


    Updated 8/25/2019