Tardy Policy

  • Students are responsible to be in their assigned seat or workstation when the tardy bell rings at the beginning of each class; being tardy is disruptive to the teaching/learning process.  All students arriving to school after 8:00 AM must check in with the attendance office before going to class. The student should have a note from the parent/guardian explaining the reason for the tardy.  If the student does not have a note, one detention will be assigned for each period missed.  The automated phone system will notify parents of a student’s tardy and a letter will be mailed home.  Teacher may verify tardy with student and call the parent when a pattern develops.  Teachers may also assign consequences and tardies may also affect citizenship grade.

PBIS Supports Provided at Each Step

  • Classroom Procedures
    Tardy: Student arrives after bell, teacher records tardy in Aeries
    Unexcused Absence: Students arrives 30+ minutes after bell (unexcused absence)

    Reset Quarter
    Step 1:
    3rd Tardy, Warning-Attendance Office
    Step 2: 6th Tardy, Detention-Attendance Office
    Step 3: 9th Tardy, 2 Detentions (Dean)-Attendance Office
    Step 4: 12th Tardy, Loss of Privileges (Parent Notification)
    Step 5: 15th Tardy, Work Detail or 3 Detentions (Meeting is Scheduled with Parents and AP-SART)
    Step 6: 18th Tardy, 2 Work Details or 6 Detentions (Dean)
    Step 7: 21st Tardy, Possible Suspension (Parent Conference)
    Step 8: 24th Tardy, Suspension (Parent Conference)