STEM Elective Program

  • The STEM program at Turlock Junior High School consists of a STEM 7th and 8th grade elective class and STEM Pathway, core classes which are math, English, science and history. These classes are similar in rigor to the GATE/Honors classes and centered around real world application. 7th grade elective modules include Automation and Robotics, and Design and Modeling. 8th Grade elective modules include Magic of Electrons, Flight and Space, and Medical Detectives. TJHS also offers a STEM Hybrid Elective course, STEM Computers course, and a STEM Shop course that are open to all students. These classes include modules in App Creation, Green Architecture, and Design and Modeling. Students interested in applying for the STEM Elective/Pathway will receive information through their 6th grade class.

What is STEM?