• A 2011 Pew Internet study reports that 88% of media-using teens have witnessed other people be mean or cruel on social network sites. 19% of teens, almost one in five, have been bullied in the past year in some form (in person, online, by text, or by phone)1. A 2014 Pew study reports that 73% of adult internet users have seen someone be harassed in some way online. The open nature of the internet allows people to target others easily and without the same repercussions that would exist in face-to-face interaction

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Students Speaking Out

  • Students Speaking Out provides students with a safe, informal, and anonymous system to give information about criminal activity, threats, or weapons, without fear of retaliation. If you have information about a crime committed at your school, or about threats of a crime or possible shooting. 

    Call the 24-hour Students Speaking Out Hotline at (209) 521-4636 (INFO)