November 1, 2022 Board of Trustees Meeting: Message from Educational Services

  • TUSD anticipated learning loss from the disruption of the pandemic and implemented multiple strategies to support scholars. First, with a focus on the social emotional well-being of students and to help with their reengagement in the classroom, mental health clinicians and counselors were hired to ensure an effective three-tiered system. To address academics, intervention teachers have been hired, digital interventions and platforms provided, and evidence-based instructional materials purchased.

    In looking at the data, gains have been made since last year in ELA and mathematics and by TUSD student groups. As we consider the data, there are primarily two areas of focus—student progress for individual students and across larger groups and grade levels. This data analysis helps us to develop goals to meet current scholar needs. Then, we also reflect on our efforts as educators at the classroom level and in educational services.

    This evening, we’ll present information in two different ways: across traditional performance bands which are more general AND by area achievement levels, or claims, which provide more specificity related to English Language Arts and Mathematics.

    As always, CAASPP results are one measure at one point in time of student achievement. TUSD uses multiple measures to determine scholar progress. As we further evaluate these results, we’ll have the opportunity to provide greater support through a range of initiatives, including TUSD’s LCAP goals and actions, Expanded Learning Opportunities Program, Educator Effectiveness Block Grant, among others, which are a huge benefit to our scholars.

    Another area of focus in 2022-23 is our collaborative model or professional learning communities. Teachers, support staff, and administrators have worked so hard over the past two years and continue to do so with a greater emphasis than ever before on their collaborative teams. Our weekly classroom visits and PLC strolls demonstrate these efforts across the District.

    Again, the CAASPP public release occurred a relatively short time ago and encompasses a great deal of information that will be disaggregated and analyzed over the next weeks. Educational Services looks forward to sharing data in greater detail at the February Data and Accountability Board Workshop.

2021-22 CAASPP Results Released

  • "Although California students showed declines in English Language-Arts and math when compared to 2020-2021 and 2018-2019, they were not substantial and recovery of learning loss is occurring because of increased instructional time and interventions. Reporting also indicated that California students performed better on the National Assessment of Educational Progress as compared to peers in other states, demonstrating “greater resilience to the learning disruptions." ~Dave Heckler, School Services of California


CAASPP Results Comparisons - % Met or Exceeded ELA

CAASPP Results Comparisons - % Met or Exceeded Math