Technology Services


  • The Technology Services Department is responsible for the day to day operations of our district network. We use the MyTechDesk work order system to manage the multitude of support requests generated by staff at each site.  

    District-wide and network-related assistance:

    • Brandon Ellenburg, Network Systems Supervisor
    • Carlos Martinez, Network Engineer
    • Robert Rawers, Network Technician
    • Cesar Salas, Network Technician

    Our staff of Technology Support Specialists serve all sites and departments in the district.  These specialists are split into three groups, each responding to work orders to a range of sites in ‘Zone 1,’ ‘Zone 2,’ or ‘Zone 3.’  Midway through the year, the teams will switch zones to support a new set of sites.  This model of support allows us to be flexible with deploying personnel and helps build district-wide support capacity with our staff.

    • Albert Avila, Technology Support Specialist
    • Shawn Cullum, Technology Support Specialist
    • Jim Flippen, Technology Support Specialist
    • Giuliano Mazzina, Technology Support Specialist
    • Randy Moore, Technology Support Specialist
    • Diego Pacheco, Technology Support Specialist
    • Elisa Sanderson, Technology Support Specialist
    • Garrett Tabor, Technology Support Specialist

    If you need assistance from a Technology Support Specialist, please contact your site "Requestor" for technology services who can enter a work order through our work order system called MyTechDesk.  Your work order will be assigned and prioritized by our team.


  • Technology Services Department provides support with audio-visual needs in the district.  This includes, but is not limited to projector installation, presentation equipment consultation and purchasing, and a/v system troubleshooting and diagnostics.  If you need support with an existing a/v system or would like a consultation on new equipment or services, please submit a MyTechDesk.

    George Fontes, Audi-Visual Technician


  • The Technology Department has an applications specialist who supports single sign-on programs and manages user account life cycle for educational programs. This includes Clever applications, Google Suite, Destiny and many others. New app requests, password resets and
    application troubleshooting is also available for staff by calling our Application Specialist at the number below.

    Yesenia Dominguez, Applications Specialist
    (209) 664-9687
    8:00 AM-5:00 PM, Monday-Friday