• The mission of the Turlock Unified School District, a premier progressive educational system, is to ensure all students graduate as self-motivated, responsible citizens equipped to compete successfully in an ever-changing global society by delivering effective instruction that engages all students to reach their individual potential and highest achievements within a safe and caring student-centered environment in partnership with our families and diverse community.


  • We believe that

    • Every person is unique and has equal worth.
    • Every person can be a successful learner.
    • People are responsible for their actions.
    • The family experience has a profound impact on the development of the individual.
    • Honesty and integrity build trust in all relationships.
    • Motivation, hard work, and persistence are necessary to achieve full potential.
    • High expectations yield greater levels of performance.
    • A quality education enriches lives by creating and expanding opportunities.
    • The positive actions of role models inspire people to excel.
    • Service to others is vital in building a thriving community.


    • All students will demonstrate proficiency in all core academic subjects.
    • Each student will set and achieve challenging personal goals tailored to his/her aspirations for post-secondary education and careers.
    • All students will develop and consistently demonstrate character traits necessary to be self-motivated and responsible citizens in our community.
    • By 2014, all students leaving high school will earn a diploma or successfully complete their Individualized Educational Plan (I.E.P.).

Strategic Plan Strategies

  • Strategy 1

  • Strategy 2

  • Strategy 3

  • Strategy 4

  • Strategy 5

  • Strategy 6

  • Strategy 7