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  • Dear TUSD Community,

    Welcome to the 2019-20 school year, either as a continuing stakeholder or one new to TUSD. We strive to accommodate student and parent needs in an effort to provide the highest quality educational experience for all families. TUSD recognizes safety and student achievement as our greatest priorities while being mindful of equity and access to programs that support extended learning and enrichment. As Superintendent of Turlock Unified, I am challenged every day to lead and empower others to create a focused, organized, and consistent system that fosters collaboration with staff, supports evidenced-based decisions, keeps students’ needs at the forefront, and works to build and maintain trusting relationships. I take each of these tasks very seriously.

    Collaboration is the essence of our work in TUSD; stakeholders recognize that our best work cannot be completed in isolation. Our students’ academic needs have increased to include social-emotional supports and college-career readiness. Addressing students’ mental health well-being has become equally important to preparing students with academic rigor, industry preparedness, and soft skills for life beyond TUSD. Emphasis on teaching literacy and mathematics is now coupled with developing students’ decision-making skills, self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, and people skills. To this end, our collective energies will begin to acknowledge mindfulness in our classrooms to best support our students and staff so that we can be our absolute best, for our very best, every day.

    TUSD recognizes that “every student is one caring adult away from being a success story,” knowing that each of us may be the reason a student comes to school every day. Our students’ success depends on our school communities—your voice becomes your student’s voice when needed and necessary. Thank you for taking the time and energy to advocate on behalf of your student—it’s essential to effective parenting. To further your participation in helping advance TUSD, I encourage you to visit our new and improved school and District websites that have been designed to keep you informed and engaged regarding educational experiences and opportunities available to your student and families. It’s imperative that our best intentions match our daily actions so that every student feels valued and unique and parents always feel welcomed. It’s a commitment and honor to lead this charge.

    Dana Salles Trevethan

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Superintendent Dana Salles Trevethan

Dana Salles Trevethan
Every Kid is One Caring Adult Away from Being a Success Story
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